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At Marc’s Coring & Cutting Ltd, we use state-of-the-art equipment available that cut through asphalt and concrete at thicknesses up to 15” while ensuring no damage is caused to your property. We have the expertise to provide efficient slab sawing throughout the Southern Alberta region for all your residential and commercial applications. From control joints to heavy-reinforced concrete slabs, we can cut it all. We’ll also ensure that reliable, precise cuts are made according to your specifications and job requirements.

Interior and Exterior Slab Sawing
Save time and stay on budget with any project in any location, inside or out, with our efficient flat sawing. Marc’s Coring & Cutting Ltd works with diesel as well as electric saws for interior projects. Floors, driveways or parking areas, slab sawing covers a variety of applications, including:

Plumbing and electrical trenching
Control joints
Removal of old concrete or asphalt

Call or email us for a free estimate for your job anywhere in Southern Alberta.

Straight Cuts in Concrete, Asphalt or Blocks

Reliable, precise cuts are made based on specific job requirements.

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