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Wall sawing is used to cut doors, windows, HVAC systems or any type of wall openings that a general contractor may need. We have the expertise to make precision cuts in various angles on existing surfaces. Are you building or renovating a commercial or residential structure made of concrete or blocks? Call Marc’s Coring & Cutting Ltd for quick, precise wall sawing in Southern Alberta for the necessary openings, including:

Doors and windows
Crawl space openings
HVAC openings
Removing walls
Removing stairs

Our sawing equipment is powered by electricity or gas so that we can work in any space where you need us for cutting openings in poured concrete foundation walls. We use the latest technology which allows us to cut 15" thick material from one side (which can equal up to 30" of material from both sides). Call us to schedule an appointment at your site in Southern Alberta or request a free estimate with our online form.

Efficient Wall Sawing Services

Perfect for creating windows, doors, duct penetration, and other wall openings.

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